Great Lakes Super Sprints

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Stambaugh and Gressman

Stambaugh and Gressman

Max Stambaugh (71H) and Phil Gressman (7c) battle down the front stretch of I-96 Speedway

Ruhl and Martin

Ruhl and Martin

Ryan Ruhl in the Ken Mackey Racing 25 and Liam Martin (9) racing side by side at I-96 Speedway!

Sams and Jones

Sams and Jones

Danny Sams III (24D) and Linden Jones (19) in the Randerson Racing cars at I-96 Speedway.



Nate Dussel wins at I-96 Speedway in the Fausey Farms #1 car out of Gibsonburg, OH.



GLSS-Great Lakes Super Sprints


Merrill, MI - Great Lakes Super Sprints presented by Engine Pro & ARP has had a busy off-season and is excited about the upcoming 2024 Season. As GLSS looks toward the 2024 Season, there has been an evaluation and a look back at the 2023 Season and how things can be improved.

In the Fall of 2022 after GLSS purchased the National Racing Alliance--known locally as the NRA--there was a lot of discussion on the best course for the 360 winged organization. Against some recommendations to eliminate the NRA name out the gate, however Barry Marlow (the GLSS Owner) decided to keep the name in the hope of unifying everyone in a smooth transition.

The goal was to bring the whole organization under GLSS, but leave the Ohio races under the NRA Buckeye Division and all the Michigan tracks under the Wolverine Division. All drivers and teams would be members of GLSS with the same rules, regulations, procedures, benefits and payouts. There was no longer “NRA Members”and “GLSS Members” as everyone was a GLSS Member, but could then choose a division to run in or they could run all the races in “The Tour”.

The hope of keeping local sponsors and a smooth transition locally failed well before the season started when not one of the previous NRA sponsors was willing to continue as a sponsor. As the season wore on, there seemed to be more confusion between tracks and fans about the relationship between GLSS and the NRA. Marlow said “It was always clear to me, I’ve always felt it was one organization, but as the season wore on, it felt as if they were still separated.”

As GLSS started meeting with tracks for the 2024 Season, the tracks were told that the NRA name, separate Facebook page and separate website would be retired and everything starting in 2024 would be under the GLSS banner. The tracks were very favorable to the change and felt this would be better on marketing and promotion in the long run. It would also eliminate confusion on “who’s who?”

Unfortunately due to a sudden death in Marlow’s family, this announcement was delayed by a week and the previously scheduled NRA Facebook post popped up yesterday about shutting down the site.

This inadvertent timing mistake caused a couple people to come out of their camps prematurely and start bashing what GLSS is doing. What’s worse is one individual is doing it from an National Racing Alliance X (Twitter) page, posing as the Owner of the NRA. Legal counsel has been notified and this will be dealt with in a timely fashion. The silliness of the posts against GLSS is that the owner of GLSS is the owner of the NRA.

However the seriousness of another post is bashing a local track we race at, posing as the NRA. In a call to Marlow this afternoon he said, “I didn’t even realize the NRA had a twitter account! Our fans quickly saw through the posts about GLSS, but when I saw the posts against one of our tracks, I was torqued!” Marlow went on to explain that he prides himself in working with all the local tracks and that social media bashing is not a tool he ever uses.

He went on to explain that whether he has a problem with a driver, a fan or a track, he won’t be posting anything on social media. He feels the best way to correct problems with a track or a driver is to deal with them privately and work things out to benefit everyone. “We need the local tracks and I’m willing to put the extra work in to make things better!” Marlow said.

If anyone has questions or concerns, Marlow’s phone number and email address are posted on Facebook and the websites. He welcomes conversations that can help the sport and can ultimately benefit everyone. What he is not in favor of is defamatory and false statements being posted without any concern of the damage they cause. GLSS Staff are working on compiling all the NRA past history and results and will archive them on the GLSS website for future reference.

To catch past GLSS races, head over to the Great Lakes Super Sprints YouTube page. Stay updated by following us on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and X. For the latest news, schedules, results, and points, visit and choose your favorite division.

Thank you to our sponsors who are the ones that allow us to bring a great show to your local tracks.
Please help us by supporting the sponsors listed below….
PErfit Corporation
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Jim Coffey and Sons Plumbing & Heating

Howard Johnsons by Wyndham
Specialty Fuels & Logistics
Environmental Waste & Recovery Service
Precision Engine Works
TC Power Sports
Percision Engine Works

Article Credit: GLSS Staff Writer

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